Saturday, 16 July 2011

When was the last time any of us stood up and fought?

Two distinct reactions emerged from the latest Mumbai bombings:

One; most people were found to be indifferent to the tragedies and went about their work, as if, it was just another media incident. It is generally proclaimed as the so called "Mumbai Spirit".

Two; exceeding number of people were seen to be expressing angry outrage and cursing the government for everything.

Both reactions evolve out of one common factor. Selfishness; self-centredness.

People went to work or carried on with whatever they were caught up with, because there was no choice; you've to earn your bread, feed your children, provide shelter, succour. It was a compulsion. At least it is understandable, though it has dangerous portents. Insensitivity can be evil and cruel if upheld as virtuous.

But, what about blaming the government aspect; of course with opposition parties adding fuel to the fire generously and impetuously? This happens out of our inherent tendency towards petulance and refusal to take responsibility.  We don't want to admit that most of us are hugely responsible for whatever is ailing us. How many of us have bothered about illegal parking when leaving our vehicles in crowded lanes; or dumping our rubbish indiscriminately; or habitually keeping an eye on a bag or a package left unattended  in a public place. What do you think the government is; a man you've appointed who should be lurking over the shoulder of every man/woman in the street or a public place? How many men would you then need for each member of our voluminous population?

Would you also please search your heart and tell me; do you all pay your taxes honestly, follow the civic laws and rules diligently; do you or do you not circumvent conditionalities and restrictions in a given situation, by means fair and foul?

And my intelligent brother, can you not see the designs of the attacker; the usurper? He is trying to divide you and me; to weaken our institutions to achieve his evil objectives.

Folks wake up, grow up and own up. You say, America didn't have another attack after 9/11. Yes it's true. But America didn't have another attack, because Americans were not blaming each other; they were standing together and telling the would be attacker that they were one and will remain one wherever the war on terror takes them. On 9/11 and thereafter, on the issue of terror the Americans and the political parties let the world know that on that front they are Americans first and Americans last. And we?

When was the last time that we stood up and fought? Time has come that I've to say: DON'T DUCK MAN. STAND UP AND FACE THE ATTACKER. I promise you, more than half his power would go when he sees us standing stoically together. Soon he'll  vanish altogether.

I'm just a deseemoron, but sometimes good thoughts come to me too.

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