Friday, 22 July 2011

Aamir Khan's SMELLY ALLEY, a feel real film?


I really don't know whether all these wise men of the village are making a fun of me because I'm a deseemoron, or do they really mean what they're saying. They tell me that after the techno wonders like 3D and 5.1 surround sound etc, the film technology is on the threshold of another big leap and 'smell real' films are round the corner. They tell me that the theatres will gradually be nose sensitive with the installation of digitally compatible fragrance emitters. This, they proclaim, would mean that we as viewers would be transported to the 'real reel world'. By this, I mean; no no I mean, they mean that if you're amid the flower beds in Switzerland, you'll smell the real roses; or if the scene is in a halwai's (sweetmeat maker) kitchen, you'll smell the real mouth watering delcacies.

Now, they tell me that  Bollywood's celebrated Producer/Director/Actor Aamir Khan is going to be the first one to embark upon the path breaking nose sensitive film. They tell me that for the starter, he's going to upgrade his hugely successful film, DELHI BELLY in to a 3D, NS (nose sensitive) version, thus offering the never before realised experience of smelling the real shit, when it is so longingly laid out on the silken cloth in front of him by Vijay Raj the Don himself. Even the scene of cunnilingus underneath the quilt would have the real smelling juices, just as the emissions from Kunal Roy Kapoor's naked bum - shown in B.C.U. (big close up) will have smells of the 'real', with every one of his loudly roaring emissions.

But I beleieve that as usual, Hollywood is going to beat our whiz kid Aamir khan to it. They think that dear old Danny boy (Danny Boyle) has already started converting his mega success, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, in to a 3D, NS version. Boy what a real experience it would be to all those Chanel sprayed noses, when the vagabond boy takes a dip in, you know what?

But, they say that our Aamir is already another step ahead. He's already going to announce his multi multi million dollar extraveganza as a 3D, NS venture titled "SMELLY ALLEY'. And you know what; the film is going to begin with a vey, very big BCU of our Kunal Roy Kapoor's big bum, just as DELHI BELLY.

Folks please tell me if it all is true or is it just a film industry bull s..., you know what I mean?


Saturday, 16 July 2011

When was the last time any of us stood up and fought?

Two distinct reactions emerged from the latest Mumbai bombings:

One; most people were found to be indifferent to the tragedies and went about their work, as if, it was just another media incident. It is generally proclaimed as the so called "Mumbai Spirit".

Two; exceeding number of people were seen to be expressing angry outrage and cursing the government for everything.

Both reactions evolve out of one common factor. Selfishness; self-centredness.

People went to work or carried on with whatever they were caught up with, because there was no choice; you've to earn your bread, feed your children, provide shelter, succour. It was a compulsion. At least it is understandable, though it has dangerous portents. Insensitivity can be evil and cruel if upheld as virtuous.

But, what about blaming the government aspect; of course with opposition parties adding fuel to the fire generously and impetuously? This happens out of our inherent tendency towards petulance and refusal to take responsibility.  We don't want to admit that most of us are hugely responsible for whatever is ailing us. How many of us have bothered about illegal parking when leaving our vehicles in crowded lanes; or dumping our rubbish indiscriminately; or habitually keeping an eye on a bag or a package left unattended  in a public place. What do you think the government is; a man you've appointed who should be lurking over the shoulder of every man/woman in the street or a public place? How many men would you then need for each member of our voluminous population?

Would you also please search your heart and tell me; do you all pay your taxes honestly, follow the civic laws and rules diligently; do you or do you not circumvent conditionalities and restrictions in a given situation, by means fair and foul?

And my intelligent brother, can you not see the designs of the attacker; the usurper? He is trying to divide you and me; to weaken our institutions to achieve his evil objectives.

Folks wake up, grow up and own up. You say, America didn't have another attack after 9/11. Yes it's true. But America didn't have another attack, because Americans were not blaming each other; they were standing together and telling the would be attacker that they were one and will remain one wherever the war on terror takes them. On 9/11 and thereafter, on the issue of terror the Americans and the political parties let the world know that on that front they are Americans first and Americans last. And we?

When was the last time that we stood up and fought? Time has come that I've to say: DON'T DUCK MAN. STAND UP AND FACE THE ATTACKER. I promise you, more than half his power would go when he sees us standing stoically together. Soon he'll  vanish altogether.

I'm just a deseemoron, but sometimes good thoughts come to me too.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Did he have life in him when Neeraj Grover was cut into pieces?


Here's your deseemoron, the village idiot, again.

After my earlier musing on Maria Susairaj matter, 'SEARCH FOR JUSTICE', I read the relevant specifics of Sessions Judge M. W. Chandwani's judgement in the Indian Express today. Hon'ble Judge has stated that his reason of rejecting the prosecution's argument about the conspiracy theory is that, "for a feeble woman (Maria Susairaj), to kill a man with plenty of brawn, is impossible......Neeraj, who had plenty of brawn than Susairaj, it would not be possible for Susairaj, a girl 25 years old, by her feminine and with her feeble body to kill Neeraj Grover." (Sic).

But Sirs, my issue is different. I am not talking about the first flush of stabbings supposedly by Emile Jerome which perhaps did or did not kill Neeraj Grover. I am talking about the hacking later on; the cutting of his body into several (300?) pieces bit, in which apparently Emile Jerome and Maria Susairaj both took part. In any event, this has been admitted by her that she herself had gone out to purchase the butcher's knife and the three large bags, to give effect to their plan for cutting the body into several small pieces for easy stuffing into the bags and transportation to the place of disposal. So at least, this part of the conspiracy is admitted by her.

Now the crucial question is; was Neeraj really dead when they cut his body into pieces or did he die as they were in the process of cutting him into pieces? Has it not happened before, that even after grievous injuries or after having been given up as dead, a person was revived at the hospital because undetected by others, there was still life left in him/her? The veracity of either contention could only have been proved by forensic examination, which was cruelly denied because of either sheer adventurism or plain conspiracy to kill by the two accused.

Please assume for a moment that Neeraj was not quite dead when he was cut into pieces. And if it were so, then was it not an act of murder to cut his body into pieces? If Hon'ble Judge's judgement is founded on an assumption by him, that " it would not be possible for Susairaj, a girl 25 years old, by her feminine and with her feeble body to kill Neeraj Grover"; then why can't the other assumption also not be given credence or consideration, that "he was alive when he was cut into pieces and thus was inadvertently or may be even deliberately murdered?".

Thus, I beg you intelligent folks and the judge to answer me: "My Lord; DID HE HAVE LIFE IN HIM, WHEN NEERAJ GROVER WAS CUT INTO PIECES?"

I'm a village idiot, but in true democracy even I deserve an answer.



Friday, 8 July 2011

Maria Susairaj case: search for justice

Hi folks!
I m just a deseemoron; a village idiot really. So please don't take it to heart if I ask a few uncomfortable questions.

Sirs, will somebody tell me as to how is it upheld that Maria is not a killer; that she did not participate in hapless Neeraj Grover's murder? Where's the evidence to establish this? If I say that she too is a murderer; that she too joined Emile Jerome Mathew in actively killing Neeraj, how will you fault me or disprove my contention? What the hell am I saying, you'll ask? Let me explain.

First of all, I m not at all saying that she had any hand in the first round of stabbing, which was probably committed entirely by Emile in a state of rage, as a pure crime of passion and that Maria was merely a helpless bystander who was too scared to interfere after already getting injured on her initial interjections. What I m saying is that she participated in the murder afterward; after having returned from the shops where she had gone for purchasing a butcher's knife and the three large bags. Now here's my story:

When Maria returns from the store, she and Emile find that Neeraj is still alive, but too injured to make any move or make any sound. First they are furious, but then a vicious idea comes to Emile or both of them. To spite him, they perform wild sex right there; right in front of him. Alternately, may be when she returns from the store, they take him as dead, but in actual fact he is still alive; still breathing though  not noticeably. In other words, if even at this stage he had been taken to a hospital, probably he would have been saved.

Then, while he is still breathing, they proceed to cut him into pieces, fifty of them, hundred, three hundred, whichever; who's there to count? Thereafter, they stuff his body pieces into the bags, have their shower, a hearty meal, put the bags in the borrowed car and drive down to a God forsaken place, in a jungle by the sea. They burn the disjointed corpse and bury it - all the parts included, in a freshly dug hole in the ground. When the police searches later, they find only some unburnt bones to pick, which perhaps did match Neeraj's DNA.

Now, how would you prove that it did not happen, the way I've stated? Where's the proof to the contrary? There's no forensic evidence either way, anyway. Does it not happen or has it not happened before, that a person has survived grievous body injuries or even ruthless multi stabbings? And I m not even reflecting on all the animalistic, inhuman acts they committed when they cut Neeraj's body into parts, which too perhaps is not less than any murder anyway. I am only saying that he was still alive when they cut him and that Maria is also his murderer just as Emile is. Prove me wrong; and if you can not, then, how can you hold her guilty only  for participating in the destruction of the evidence?  How can your judgment be solely based on her testimony; on what she says; when you know that she has changed her testimony so many times?

Is it not a travesty of justice?

Sirs, I want to know, what you think of what I've said, for after all I m merely a deseemoron; a village idiot.