Friday, 18 April 2014

Go put India in safe hands; Yours!

Yarron, doston, friendon,

Here's me, your friendly DESEEMORON, the village idiot, once again with a thought which may not be irrelevant at present times. For once, even I might be making sense! Don't you think...?

Go put India in safe hands;

 India is at the threshold of a historic change. Within two days a journey would commence, which might change its destiny for a long time to come.

You guessed it right!

It is the Parliamentary Elections 2014, which kick off from Monday the 7th April. From that day till a month after, an ordinary Indian will take a step to accomplish the most extra-ordinary task of his life. Contribute to forming the new Government for world’s largest democracy, India. Irrespective of cast, creed, gender, religion, education, financial status, social or cultural belief, an adult citizen of this great country would exercise a right which he secured after a long struggle put up by his forefathers in the face of one of the fiercest and longest battles for freedom from a foreign ruler, anywhere in the world.

And, sixty six years ago, when this battle was won, it was not only the independence that was obtained from an outside regime; a solemn right was restored for every Indian to determine for himself as to who should govern him from then after. It was a tryst with destiny. A promise to secure for the peoples of this great civilisation, a position of high glory among the comity of nations!

Once again, the time has come to redeem that pledge. The time for one to exercise the right to form the Administration at the centre that will govern the entire India.

And that ‘one’; that important person, is YOU.

Because, as a result of this election, even more than several parliamentary elections before, the new Government will not only have to provide food, shelter and clothing to each one of its more than a billion people and meet their basic necessities such as medical help, education, water, electricity, security and employment, it will have to do more.

It will have to take India on a much higher trajectory of growth and development to meet the aspirations of the largest population of young citizens anywhere in the world. It will have to secure for them a position of eminence among the peoples of the most highly developed countries on the globe. Besides, it will have to ascertain for them a much larger freedom for all times to come. The freedom from fear, disease and hunger.

Remember also, that if India has to move on a fast track of development, it has to be freed from galloping inflation, corruption, inertia in decision making, stagnation in production, disinformation and prejudices alongside motivating each citizen to do his/her best towards nation building. All this calls for a very high order of dedication, honesty and integrity on the part of each person who will participate in the process of forming the next government. A heavy responsibility indeed.

Now, if you are that ‘important person’ to determine all this, who can you trust the most for taking the right step? Naturally, YOU.

So, the date of polling has come. Pick up your voter ID card, go to the polling booth and cast your precious vote for the right candidate.

Till the next time,

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