Wednesday, 14 December 2011

You're lucky Anna ji; my dream did not come true!

It was a strange dream in the very early hours of  last Sunday. I saw that a deseemoron - not me, some other (yes, yes; why there can't be more than one village idiot?), had somehow made his way into Anna ji's rally at the Jantar Mantar, organised as a token one day fast on account of the much touted Jan Lokpal Bill. Perhaps it was his gear and the demeanour of that of a simpleton, that disarmed them (Team Anna) completely and they allowed him to speak also, amongst many celebrities from various political parties, besides themselves.

And spoke, he did. First of all he reminded everybody, that since the gathering was in fact on account of Anna ji's Satyagrah - insistence for truth, for bringing probity and honesty in public life in order to eradicate corruption which was devouring us all, it was vital to speak the truth and examine everything at the altar of truth and honesty. Following are some of the bits of Deseemoron spake:

"On the altar of Truth, Anna ji, I have grave issues directly with you sir. First of all, I want to take you to a crucial portion of your speech at Raj Ghat last June. Referring to the Delhi Police action on Baba Ramdev's followers on Saturday night some days ago, you lambasted the Government in full view of the world media that it was an attack similar to that of the British on the Indians at the Jalianwala Bagh during the days of Independence Struggle. I think it was a highly provocative and dishonest statement by an irresponsible if not an outright perverse mind. Can I ask you Anna ji, what would have happened if in such highly charged circumstances some miscreants had played a mischief by smuggling in and placing among the sleeping people an explosive devise? Would not there have been a far bigger tragedy on account of the stampede it would have created, especially when there were far too many people in excess of the authorised numbers? Whom would have you blamed then...? Government..! Right..? And yes, was it not fathomable that the Govt. could have had an advance knowledge of some such possibility?

I think sir, for a person of your stature, speaking without a sense of responsibility and that too not quite truthfully, particularly when you pretty well knew that by and large you were addressing rather impressionable minds, is dishonesty and being dishonest is itself being corrupt. But you wont even apologise for your callous and calumnious statement because you had spoken designedly and you had your desired result. You love to give your mission the status of the 2nd battle of independence, but in your vain sense of self-righteousness you forget that the great soul who authored the original Battle Of Independence openly decried untruth and insisted that no one should forsake truth even if the freedom is delayed. Yes sir, I am talking about the real Mahatma; Gandhi ji.

Also Anna ji, how dangerously dishonest and manipulative can you get? With no substantial evidence of any kind, you had the gumption of making an entirely speculative and mischevious comment about Rahul Gandhi for having engineered the reversal of consensus on some points by the members of the Standing Committee. Your argument, 'well, he had proposed the constitutional status for the Lokpal and they have all accepted that, hence by inference he may have ordered the reversal on points of consensus too'. How ingenuous and how malicious, for a man who doesn't tire of boasting about his honesty and simplicity. This is when there were so many highly voluble opposition members who would have vociferously torn into Rahul Gandhi, if there was any such attempt by him. But no sir, the mask is off; you were acting on a well designed agenda. You were targeting Congress with plainly a political objective and yet you claim to be apolitical.

Not only this; your true 'smallness of mind' and shameless vanity became evident when on being questioned about Mr. Sharad Pawar having been slapped; your off hand comment right into the lens of a TV camera was 'sirf ek thappad (he got only one slap)'. Look at the brazen arrogance of a man, that is you Anna ji.

But there is more. You don't tire of preaching non-violence to your followers in any of your missions. Yet, you exhort your followers to tie up and hang by the trees, the fellows who take alcohol, before giving them a good flogging in public. Where is your sense of honesty; your sense of fair justice? But I forget, you don't really believe in the Acts of Parliament anyway.

And look at the impunity with which you use the half truths for your devious political designs! You and your 'Anna Team' would proclaim on public television that the Standing Committee (which in your constricted thinking is Govt. itself), has 'decided' to keep the C.B.I. out of Lokpal's purview or the Prime Minister out of Lokpal's purview or group 'c' govt. employees out of Lokpal's purview or any such, without telling the full truth. Because the other part and the 'most significant part' of the truth is that their have been dissenting notes and the matter is yet to be studied by the cabinet for suitable amendments and presentation to the full Parliament for its consideration after proper discussion. You jolly well know that half truths at most of the times are nothing but lies. Malicious lies with  perverse objectives.

Shall I go on further, for surely Anna ji there's more; a lot more? You are fooling nobody, unless you are being used by people around you, whom I strongly suspect are far more dangerous than what we've seen. Thanks Anna ji."

Luckily Anna ji, at this point I woke up with a start, just as I saw a battery of people charging at the poor deseemoron; yes another one like me. A village idiot!

Bye Anna ji.     


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